Pursuant to Section 8.04 of the City of Savoy Municipal Code, the circular front drive-through is an “emergency lane.”

This drive must be kept clear of stopped or standing/stopped vehicles.

For this reason, our circular driveway may be used for only quick student drop-offs of ages 7 and older students.


For pick-up of a 7 year or older student, remain in the street until you see your student at the front door.

Then, pull up in your vehicle to retrieve your student and drive through.

For 6 & younger students, please walk inside for pick-up.


The interior of the Studio has many of the same rules as the public library in order to create a wholesome and quiet atmosphere conducive for the education of children.

The property, building, and parking lots are smoke free zones.

Loud, disruptive, offensive or rambunctious behavior is prohibited.

While there are toys for quiet use by children, the lobby and hallway are not for running, acrobatic tricks or loud volumes since classes are in session.

Students 5 and younger, and siblings age 8 and younger must be supervised by an adult when other classes are in session.

Fellow parents are entitled to a peaceful environment; therefore negativity or conducting easily-heard business calls are not permitted at the Studio.


Consistent attendance is crucial for the progress of the student in dance. The more classes attended, the better the technique of the student.

However in those times where a missed class is unavoidable, please report your absence.

The instructors will appreciate your consideration.

Call us at (217) 355-9265,

and press 1 to leave a message


e-mail us at:

Please send a note for your child to give to the teacher if you need to have your student excused early from class for a one-time school event.

Also send a note/email regarding a doctor’s restriction.

Teachers can in some cases, modify movements to accommodate a strain or injury.

If a student is not contagious but feeling out of sorts, or has an emotional issue, they may be sent with a parent’s note requesting they observe class.

Without a note, teachers will ask each student for full participation.


To avoid tardiness or interruptions to classes already in session…

Students in classes ages 6 & younger or students 6 & younger must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before class to go to the bathroom at CRS prior to class.

Students in older classes should arrive 20 minutes early to visit the restroom, stretch, and practice with classmates.

The exception is a school dismissal time conflicting with a class start time.

Please contact the office for how this is handled.

Once any class enters the classroom with the teacher, no participants are allowed to enter late -- even by one minute in the 6 and younger classes.

Latecomers of older classes may enter to observe.

Exceptions are made for tardiness due to inclement weather.

Please call ahead (217-355-9265) for an occasional approved late arrival so that the teacher is prepared.

Students ages 7 and older may place their belongings in one of 3 designated student-only areas known as the Clubhouse, Jr. Clubhouse or Treehouse.

Assignments to these areas are on a semester basis and based upon proper conduct to maintain access.

Students age 6 and younger keep their belongings in the lobby with their guardian.

Parents are expected to punctually pick up their child at the end time of class and this is discussed via a separate enrollment document.


CRS communicates with essential information via email to our dance families and casually through our Facebook page.

Please make sure that your email address is current with us and our email is safe listed:

In the case of an urgent matter, please have your phone number current with the Studio.


All payments submitted and not honored result in a Dishonored Payment Charge of $30.

Account balances must be paid in full with cash before attendance in the next class

or before further transactions or recital participation occurs.

Accounts with two dishonored payments will become cash only.


Refunds are not given for any reason.

As with any private school, each student, upon enrollment, is assured a reserved space in class regardless of attendance.

Therefore, there are no refunds for absences, which include this partial list of reasons for absences such as those due to family trips, illnesses, physical injuries, inclement weather, change of mind, schedule changes, or doctor, parent or Studio restrictions, etc.


We reserve the right to provide for a substitute instructor or assistant or change staff instructors as necessary.

The Studio reserves the right to cancel a class and offer a make-up class or new class time if a special circumstance interferes with a class time.

The Studio reserves the right to substitute or combine classes on occasion if an emergent need arises.


Our classroom floors have the highest grade floating wood floors covered with a Marley flooring—a professional dance surface.

This dance flooring system helps protect the feet, ankles, knees, hips and backs of our students from injury.

To keep the floors clean and safe for students, all street shoes are prohibited inside the classrooms.


In order to provide the highest learning standards, all dress codes must be met after the second week of class (see current Dress Code in Enrollment Reference Documents) in order to participate in class and not observe class only.

Students taking multiple subjects should carry all of their shoes, supplies, and extra dress code items in a dance bag to each class.

Dance shoes must never be worn outside as it soils them and our special dance flooring.

Tap shoes will be ruined if used on concrete or tile.


The Studio provides dance instruction to students and families harmoniously cooperating with CRS procedures and Policies.
Any student must be able to work within a group setting and without causing disruption or bully-type behaviors (verbal or physical) to others.

The Studio reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, at any point in the year, and retains absolute authority to make all decisions regarding any and all policies relating to the rules necessary for the safe, healthy, harmonious, and appropriate learning environment.

The tuition paid is based upon adherence to the policies by the students, their guests and their families.

As a condition of the student’s enrollment, flagrant, or repeated violation, of any Studio or recital policy by the student and/or family member will result, at the sole discretion of the Studio, in the student’s suspension or termination from the program without refund of tuition.


Photos or video of students in the classroom, whether taken from the hallway or in the studio, are not permitted other than the last day of a Summer or Fall semester. We respect that parents of minors may not want their child videotaped or photographed taking class.

When available, a professional videographer is brought in to videotape a
Recital for DVD sales however video and photography of the Recital is not permitted.

Families may videotape or photograph the Summer Dance Concert from their reserved seat.


Questions regarding student placements and progress, etc. should be directed toward Studio Director Christine Rich, rather than the dance instructors.

Other questions such as registration, recital, dress code, etc. should be directed to the studio office.

Please submit your questions via email:


by leaving a message at (217) 355-9265 after pressing “1” to skip the greeting.

We ask that all messages and communication are made through the office. A request for a meeting must specify the topic.

A companion document to the Studio Polices is: “Pre-Enrollment Information” on our Enroll Now tab at our website and by clicking here