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Welcome to exceptional dance classes at a dance studio known locally in Champaign, Urbana and Savoy as well as in the Midwest and beyond, to provide dance for kids and adults, ballet classes, tap classes, jazz dance, modern dance, acrobatics (similar to gymnastics), hip hop and show jazz (Broadway style), stretch dance classes and even adult ballet classes or dance classes for toddlers, all with world class training and old-fashioned values.

Our dance school provides dance classes at a pre-professional level in Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, Mahomet, Tolono, Rantoul, Philo, Bement, Monticello, Effingham, Charleston, Tuscola, Danville, Gibson City and St. Joseph and local areas near the University of Illinois Champaign.

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As an academy of dance, Christine Rich Studio understands that whether your child takes kids dance classes to learn how to dance, and that results in dance as a career, or not, you want a dance school to be a fun activity to do after school or in the summer months to introduce arts classes into your child’s education.

As a top level ballet school and dance studio, we will exceed your needs with our world-class dance class training, and you will most certainly appreciate the life-enhancing qualities our top-notch and friendly environment provides through our old-fashioned values.

That is the Christine Rich Studio Dance Academy’s philosophy: provide exceptional training in an exceptional facility with every amenity, with exceptional teaching staff all in affordable classes and a friendly old-fashioned atmosphere.

Here are the extra-benefits of dance lessons at CRS:

-Focus: better ability to achieve higher grades

-Patience: more patience with family members…and with themselves

-Respect: big increase in respecting parents, others and themselves

-Happier: achieve high confidence that increases their happiness in life

-Increase in being comfortable in their own body: more confidence for school interviews, standing and doing reports or later in life with interviews for college and jobs.

If you are going to invest in dancing class, you should get the highest return on your investment and have a student capable of going to prestigious dance colleges, not just a student who is a good recreational dancer.

At Christine Rich Studio we give you both. Your child learns top-notch life-skills training in the process of learning top-notch dance in classes. From toddler ballet classes to adult ballet, we do ballet for beginners in the most outstanding and creative way for over 29 years in the Champaign-Urbana-Savoy area.

In addition to being known for our ballet classes, we also develop well rounded students through our dance classes in jazz, hip hop, tap, acrobatics (safer than gymnastics), modern dance, fairy tale ballet and tap combo classes for ages 3-6, and our dance class for toddlers age 1-1/2 to 2 years old.

Call us at (217) 355-9265, send an email to admin@ChristineRichStudio.com or submit your email in the form above to be on our list to receive class schedule information.

Also, you are welcome to stop by the dance studio at 1402 Regency Drive West, Savoy, IL 61874 to visit. It’s best to call ahead for our seasonal office hours to (217) 355-9265.

Instead of hoping for the most ideal outcome for your child, you can ensure it.

The Christine Rich Studio has resided first in Tolono, IL, then Champaign, IL, then Urbana, IL in the Lincoln Square Mall and now in Savoy, IL in our state-of-the-art facility that is an exception throughout the Midwest. The classrooms are the largest in Illinois, with high ceilings, multiple windows, a tornado-proof construction, floating professional dance floors to reduce injury, and a full stage and theater!

With 29 years of serving the community, CRS has thousands of stories of what a difference our training made for their child, and in some cases, the one sibling who danced at CRS versus the other siblings who did not.

Looking forward to serving you and your child,

Christine Rich